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Surfers Hoping Waves Will Co-operate for Schooner Cliffs Surf Classic

"Surfers are hoping for a lucky break next month near Donkin, Cape Breton.

A new surf competition, the Schooner Cliffs Surf Classic, will be held in early October at Schooner Pond Cove. Prize money totaling $2,000 will be up for grabs.

Local surfing enthusiasts say the location is ideal.

"That's my go-to spot in the fall and the winter season," said Ryan Mansfield, the owner of a surf and skate shop in Sydney.

"It's definitely one of the best breaks we have around and it's not very crowded there to say the least. There's usually more seals than surfers."

Date depends on wind, waves

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality's recreation department is organizing the competition.

"We have a great surf community, kind of a hidden secret," said Charlotte MacDonald, recreation program co-ordinator. "We wanted to enhance that and promote it."

The exact date of the competition has not yet been set. It's scheduled to happen sometime between Oct. 1 and 13.

The timing depends on the wind and the waves, said Mansfield.

"We're looking for a nice east swell. East, south-east will work all right too. We just really need a good hurricane to swing on by — not hit us, but pass below us."

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