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Amazing Race Canada Puts Spotlight on Cape Breton

"S-h-h-h-h. It was supposed to be a secret.

So, there I was, minding my own business as I trudged along Keltic Drive one cold night in May. I was taking the dog for a walk and had made it about as far as the Celtic Creatures dog park when a big and shiny new, dark car slowed down on the empty street.

The window rolled down and I could barely see a little head above the window. Her voice was too soft for me to hear what she was saying. And so, after saying “Pardon?” many more times than was polite, I stepped out into the middle of the street, dragging my dog behind me.

The young woman was asking me for directions to the nearest hotel. That was pretty strange, I thought — considering they were headed out of town on Keltic. They were obviously very lost.

But then the encounter became even stranger when I saw a big fuzzy boom microphone being poked out the back seat window.

Before I knew it, bright lights also began to shine from the back seat and the microphone boom man got out of the car — still pointing the thing right at me!

“Uhhh, uhhhh, uhhh,” I stammered as my mind still tried to give her an answer. Hotels aren’t exactly what one is thinking about at 9:30 on a dark night on Keltic Drive.

“There’s lots back in town,” I said, trying to be helpful by pointing in the direction they’d just come from.

“No, no,” they sounded tired and panicked. “The closest one is fine.”

I thought about the little motel just down the street but, looking at their fancy car and seeing how genteel the young woman looked and sounded with her soft voice, I didn’t really think that was what they were looking for.

But they continued to insist on finding the closest one, so I gave them the directions.

Thinking that was the end of it, I prepared to walk on. But a man came up to me with a pad of paper and a pen in his hand.

“Can you sign this?” he said.

“What are you doing, anyway? I asked.

“It’s for the Amazing Race. But don’t tell anyone,” he said.

“Amazing Race Canada?” My mind began to whirl with thoughts about how great this would be if the program really was taking a tour of Cape Breton during its latest season!"

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