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5 Acres Gowland Mountain Road, Albert County, New Brunswick

A private 5 acre lot just a few minutes East of the quaint community of Elgin, in the Province of New Brunswick. Beautifully treed throughout. Located in a prime hunting and ATV and snowmobiling area. An excellent choice for the adventurer, hunting and outdoor enthusiast. This lot would be excellent for a camp set back in the woods.

  • Term Sale: $10,300
  • Cash Sale: $9,270
  • Lot Size: 5 acres
  • Ref #: NB-397
  • 3.4 Acres for Sale Collins Lake Road, New Brunswick.

    Here is a very nice plot of land in a lightly settled area rich with wildlife! This property has 525 feet of road frontage on Collins Lake Road and is conveniently located in the southeast region of New Brunswick, just 10 minutes north of the village of Port Elgin. Close to the coastline, beaches and warm ocean water.

  • Term Sale: $15,500
  • Cash Sale: $13,950
  • Lot Size: 3.4 acres
  • Ref #: NB-391
  • NB-176 - 5.2 Acres For Sale in Southeastern New Brunswick

    Here is an excellent plot of land in a lovely rural Southeastern New Brunswick setting. Only 10 minutes from the University Town of Sackville and within easy reach of the ocean and sandy beaches. The land is nicely forested and even has a small brook on it. The land offers excellent access with 259 feet paved road front, convenient location, close enough to amenities, and great outdoor recreation at your doorstep.

  • Term Sale: $17,500
  • Cash Sale: $15,750
  • Lot Size: 5.2 acres
  • Ref #: NB-176
  • NB-906 3 acres for Sale in Shemogue, New Brunswick

    This is a wonderful 3 acre parcel of land located just off the Acadian Coastal Drive on Route 940 in Shemogue, Westmorland County, in Southeast New Brunswick. The land offers excellent year-round access with 230 feet road front, convenient location, close to the coast and many beaches as well as great outdoor recreation at your doorstep.

  • Term Sale: $12,500
  • Cash Sale: $11,250
  • Lot Size: 3 acres
  • Ref #: NB-906
  • Waterloo Lake Nova Scotia. Great Land with Access to Lake.

    Here is a fantastic reacreational lot and cottage or cabin lot in Canada at an affordable price! This 1.20 acre surveyed lot in the heart of southern Nova Scotia, 2 hours from Halifax may be a perfect fit. Access to Waterloo Lake - and within easy reach of several neighboring lakes and streams - this location offers you plenty of privacy, great fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hunting, ATVing, snowmobiling and cross country skiing.

  • Term Sale: $9,800
  • Cash Sale: $8,820
  • Lot Size: 1.2 acres
  • Ref #: NS-376
  • 50 Acres Land for Sale in Harcourt, New Brunswick

    Located in the rural community of Harcourt, this ideal acreage provides a great location for all outdoor recreational activities. On the main road and within convenient driving distance to the city of Moncton and the New Brunswick coastline. --- RESERVED ---

  • Term Sale: $29,400
  • Cash Sale: $26,460
  • Lot Size: 50 acres
  • Ref #: NB-510
  • NB-111 - 4 acres along Harper Brook near Sackville, New Brunswick.

    Here is a wonderful 4 acre property in a beautiful rural Southeastern New Brunswick setting with great neighbors and only 10 minutes from the University Town of Sackville and an easy drive from the ocean and sandy beaches. The land is beautifully treed throughout with areas showing nice evergreen trees and areas with maple, birch and poplar trees. The land borders Harper Brook. A great property for a homestead and an excellent choice for vacant land investment.

  • Term Sale: $16,900
  • Cash Sale: $15,210
  • Lot Size: 4 acres
  • Ref #: NB-111
  • 82 Acres on Mack Lake, Nova Scotia

    Here is a fantastic large acreage situated on Mack Lake at East Dalhousie, Nova Scotia. This private woodland acreage has frontage on the west end of Mack Lake a popular yet quiet lake - ideal for fishing, swimming, boating and kayaking. This is a suitable acreage for recreation and for your quite cabin and cottage retreat.

  • Term Sale: $45,900
  • Cash Sale: $41,310
  • Lot Size: 82 acres
  • Ref #: NS-395
  • 119 Acres on Bras d'Or Lakes, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

    An 119.2 acre parcel of lakefront land on the famous Bras d'Or Lakes, known for its world class sailing, boating, and virtually fog free waters. This lot boasts a picturesque shoreline and sloping ground overlooking the lake.

  • Term Sale: $115,000
  • Cash Sale: $103,500
  • Lot Size: 119+/- acres
  • Ref #: NS-491
  • Beautiful Property in Orangedale, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

    An 8.35 acre lot with 410 feet of road frontage on Orangedale Road and minutes to the tiny lakeside community of Orangedale on the Bras d’Or Lakes. Small ponds within the land, very nicely treed. Surveyed. Great access. Electricity at roadside. Click the image for more information.

  • Term Sale: $14,200
  • Cash Sale: $12,780
  • Lot Size: 8.35 acres
  • Ref #: NS-181
  • North Riverside Subdivision

    Welcome to the North Riverside Subdivision, conveniently located between the lovely east coast communities of Boylston and Guysborough in scenic Nova Scotia, Canada. Choose from ten lots ranging in size from 2.32 acres to 3.45 acres with unique features like panoramic views of Milford Haven River, treed lots dotted with mature maple, spruce, fir, and evergreen, and lots with brook frontage.
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    Nova Scotia is a Canadian province located on Canada's southeastern coast. It is the most populous province in the Maritimes, and its capital, Halifax, is a major economic centre of the region. Nova Scotia is the second smallest province in Canada, with an area of 55,284 km². Its population of 934,405 makes it the fourth least populous province of the country.


    New Brunswick is one of Canada's three Maritime provinces, and the only constitutionally bilingual province (French and English) in the country. Its capital is Fredericton. The provincial Department of Finance estimates that the province's population in 2006 was 749,168, of which a majority is English-speaking, but a large minority (35%, chiefly of Acadian origin) is French-speaking.


    "Right now and into the next decade, the boomers are likely to make cottage country hot, forcing prices higher and creating some interesting investment opportunities"
    - Halifax Herald