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East Coast Adventures

Have a photo or video you'd like to share? Be sure to send it to us at with a brief description of your experience. We look forward to hearing from you and showcasing your story!

Marcel and Christine are building their own off-grid cabin on their property in the New Brunswick wilderness. 
Have you ever dreamed of building your own off-grid cabin away from the hustle and bustle? Our customers Marcel and Christine purchased a property on the Molus River in the community of Bass River, New Brunswick to do just that! Although the property was originally wooded front to back, Marcel and Christine worked together to clear a space for their dream cabin, cut in their own driveway, and even peeled the logs for the structure themselves. Marcel started his own YouTube channel, Molus Wilderness Homestead, to chronicle their journey. We encourage you to check it out and support his channel, particularly if you dream of building your own place off-grid someday too!
Sally and June exploring their land, enjoying the winter weather, and putting up a bird house!
Sally and June visited their land in Cape Breton over the winter holidays to take in the beautiful winter views their land has to offer. While they were visiting, they spent time exploring the area and putting up a bird house. They're looking forward to camping lakeside in the future––we can't wait to see photos from their next east coast adventure! 
Sun soaked summer days exploring Ingonish, Nova Scotia.

Easton loves lobster, Hot Wheels, and exploring the east coast with his parents! While visiting Ingonish this past summer, he and his Mom enjoyed checking out the local beaches and visiting the Groovy Goat Farm & Soap Company. We can't wait to see what East Coast Adventures you go on next summer, Easton!

When you look at things from a certain distance, it allows you to appreciate their true value!

It's been incredible flying our drone over properties this past year – we love seeing the beautiful natural landscape of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick from this new perspective. We look forward to putting together videos showcasing our new footage for you in the coming months. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel!

The Jung family visits their acreage in Stanburne, Nova Scotia.

Here at Wolterland Estates, we love hearing what travels and adventures you've experienced as a result of your land purchase. Naturally, we were thrilled to receive this picture from Wolfgang of his family visiting their acreage in Stanburne, Nova Scotia last summer. Everyone traveled from Germany to see the land and explore Nova Scotia, including Wolfgang's mother who had never previously been to Canada. It sounds like it was a wonderful trip that the whole family enjoyed!

Thumbs up! Ella and Aspen tubing on the Bras d'Or Lake.

Ella and Aspen have been coming to Cape Breton since they were a couple months old. While they're at the cottage, they love exploring the wilderness with Opa, watching chipmunks, and skipping rocks. But their favorite summer pastime? Tubing! Ella was giving a thumbs up the whole time we were out that day – hoping her Uncle would take some speedy turns to get her outside the wake. Nothing like a few "Bras d'Or bumps" to get everyone on the tube giggling.

First step in setting up a future camp? Creating your own custom wood sign!

There is something so special about visiting your land on the east coast and spending time thinking about where your future camp will reside. We received this picture from Melvin, who paid a visit to his land last summer. While there he spent time camping in the area, cleared trees for his future driveway, and created this custom wood sign to mark where his camp will be. Melvin has said he can't wait for spring this year to continue working on his camp.

A photo from June and her partner's land near Loch Lomond – which they've aptly named "Lady Slipper Lane" – for the flowers populating the area.

June and her partner recently took their second annual sojourn to their beautiful lot near Loch Lomond. On their next trip, they're planning on clearing “Lady Slipper Lane” and starting on a camp overlooking the cove where the loons land. June has said, "Yes...we left our hearts in Cape Breton!" We can't wait to see more photos from their next East Coast Adventure!

This "rural refresh" is something we all look forward to every year and it's a family tradition we're all committed to carrying on.

Each summer we look forward to packing our bags and traveling to our quaint family cottage on the Bras d'Or Lake in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Our roughly 1200 square foot home-away-from-home houses the 7 adults, 5 kids, and one dog that make up our still-growing family.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking – how do they fit all those people and a pet in one place? In recent years, one couple and their little guy started staying in an RV, but the cottage itself is still the hub for cooking, crafting, making forts, and uncovering old cottage relics.

At times things are wild and wacky, like when we’re trying to pack more than three people into the kitchen while making meals, or when the kids are clamouring over the same ancient super soaker of yesteryear, but it’s also wonderful seeing each other everyday and making new memories.

Taking our family trip each summer means spending quality time together enjoying the simple things: filling bird feeders with Opa, building fires with Dad, roasting marshmallows with Mom, going fishing with Uncle, tubing with Auntie, and watching the kids using their imaginations while playing outdoors. This "rural refresh" is something we all look forward to every year and it's a family tradition we're all committed to carrying on.

- K.G. Young