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2.56 acres Waterfront in Cape Breton - Lot 30

Here is a wonderful property in Cape Breton Nova Scotia with 301+/- feet of shoreline! This unique property is located on a 150 acre peninsula just minutes from the picturesque community of River Bourgeois. Excellent canoeing, kayaking, boating and fishing at your doorstep. A great spot for a vacation cottage and investment in waterfront land.

  • Term Sale: $39,500
  • Cash Sale: $35,550
  • Lot Size: 2.56 acres
  • Ref #: NS-2030
  • 2.61 acres North Riverside, Nova Scotia - Lot 20

    Here is a lovely property in beautiful North Riverside, Nova Scotia - near the Milford Haven River. Nice mixed forested growth within your lot and a quiet location about 10 minutes out of town. A great spot for vacations and land ownership. --- RESERVED ---

  • Term Sale: $16,500
  • Cash Sale: $14,850
  • Lot Size: 2.61 acres
  • Ref #: NS-3520
  • 23+/- acres Maltampec, New Brunswick

    A secluded 23 acre woodlot near the Pokemouche River in the Heart of the Acadian Peninsula in Northeastern, New Brunswick. A great camp lot and recreational parcel with good seasonal access via an old crown reserve road. Good hardwood birch, maple and birch trees.

  • Term Sale: $18,500
  • Cash Sale: $16,650
  • Lot Size: 23+/- acres
  • Ref #: NB-2123
  • 30 acres Cowans Creek, Landry, New Brunswick

    Here is a lovely residential and recreational type acreage in the heart of the Acadian Peninsula in Northeastern, New Brunswick. Close to the Pokemouche River, the Pokemouche golf course and convenient distance to the Northumberland Coastline and sand beaches. Year round access via paved Cowans Creek Road. Electricity and phone service at roadside.

  • Term Sale: $30,000
  • Cash Sale: $27,000
  • Lot Size: 30+/- acres
  • Ref #: NB-2111
  • Lot 20-9 (2.38 acres) South River Bourgeois, Cape Breton

    Here is a lovely 2.3+ acre property just steps from the ocean in South River Bourgeois, Nova Scotia. 581 feet of road front with electricity service. Easy access to the shore for boating, fishing and swimming

  • Term Sale: $16,500
  • Cash Sale: $14,850
  • Lot Size: 2.378 acres
  • Ref #: NS-2009
  • 650 ACRES & Log Cabin Near Moncton, NB

    Here is an amazing acreage just 20 minutes from downtown Moncton and the coastline. A beautiful log cabin is tucked away on the property. 400+ acres are being replanted in 2021. A very unique acreage for recreation and hunting. 

  • Term Sale: $500,000
  • Cash Sale: $500,000
  • Lot Size: 650+/- acres
  • Ref #: NB-600
  • 25+/- acre Recreation Property - Cape Breton

    Here is a great recreational acreage located on the western side of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, just 5 miles inland from coastal communities and amenities. An off-grid site offering ample road front with surrounding crown lands and recreational trails ideal for outdoor fun in all seasons. A great site for your remote acreage / cabin / maritime get-away.

  • Term Sale: $29,000
  • Cash Sale: $26,100
  • Lot Size: 25+/- acres
  • Ref #: NS-2074
  • 11.2 Acres Property on the Black River in New Brunswick

    Here is a lovely forested property along the South Black River Road with approximately 650 feet along the beautiful Black River. Located along Route 117 (Acadian Coastal Drive) with power and phone available, you are 15 minutes from the city of Miramichi and Chatham and 15 minutes from Bay du Vin and sandy beaches and warm ocean waters.

  • Term Sale: $37,000
  • Cash Sale: $33,300
  • Lot Size: 11.27 acres
  • Ref #: NB-2010
  • Lot 10 North Riverside, Nova Scotia CANADA.

    Here is a lovely 3 acre property for sale in the desirable North Riverside area of Nova Scotia, Canada. With great year round access as well as access to the beautiful Milford Haven River, this is an ideal piece of land a vacation home and residence - an excellent property for immediate use or as an investment in raw land.

  • Term Sale: $20,500
  • Cash Sale: $18,450
  • Lot Size: 2.97 acres
  • Ref #: NS-3510
  • 35 Acres Mount View Road, Sackville New Brunswick

    An excellent opportunity to own a lovely acreage in the charming town of Sackville bordering Mount View Road and the Trans Canada Highway. Silver Lake is just minutes away, hiking and cross country ski trails are nearby, power and telephone is at road side. A great location on a quiet stretch of road.

  • Term Sale: $47,500
  • Cash Sale: $42,750
  • Lot Size: 35+/- acres
  • Ref #: NB-2135

  • Nova Scotia is a Canadian province located on Canada's southeastern coast. It is the most populous province in the Maritimes, and its capital, Halifax, is a major economic centre of the region. Nova Scotia is the second smallest province in Canada, with an area of 55,284 km². Its population of 934,405 makes it the fourth least populous province of the country.


    New Brunswick is one of Canada's three Maritime provinces, and the only constitutionally bilingual province (French and English) in the country. Its capital is Fredericton. The provincial Department of Finance estimates that the province's population in 2006 was 749,168, of which a majority is English-speaking, but a large minority (35%, chiefly of Acadian origin) is French-speaking.


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